My Story

I started my love for wine after my husband and I decided to open a retail wine store in our hometown, Armonk, NY. Very much like I approached everything else in my life, I had to be the best I could be. I became certified as a Specialist of Wine, I never put a bottle on my shelf without tasting it first, and I brought home a bottle nearly every day just to experiment with foods and flavors.

It was experimenting with so many wines that gave me the opportunity to get to know them all. If someone came in asking for a recommendation my first question would be what will you be serving the wine with. My customers began to trust my expertise as I consistently was able to assess their palate based on wines they liked in the past and suggest which other wines they may want to try.

For me wine makes everything better. It makes an evening in with Netflix feel like a date. It makes an hour with a Kindle feel like an afternoon at the spa. It makes cooking dinner for my family feel like a fun activity. It makes my food taste better AND it tastes better with the right food. This is where the idea for The Pairing Kitchen was born.

In my house food is not only about nourishment. It is love. It is indulgence. It is relaxation. Cooking has always been my way of expressing love. It brings me great pleasure to cook for my boys, and I love to see how they feel my expression of love in each meal I prepare.

Cooking + Wine = The Perfect Pair

Two of my favorites combined.

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as we enjoy making them. Although I do provide the recipes in the link, there are no hard and fast rules for wine pairing or recipes. Adjust as you see fit. Drink what you please. These are merely suggestions for what tastes terrific.

Cheers! Diana